11 May 2010

Weather, weather me not!

I started outside at 8 a.m. (was up at 6:30 for buttercream making - gah! I'm definitely going to need a nap later...) and at that time, it was sunny and warm and nice, with a slight breeze...

Oh, what a small hour can make!  I managed to get in the sweet woodruff (I planted it around the bricks for the bird bath), the fern, the major clump of lily of the valley, and the lungwort (though she looks a little raggy and might not make it! :-(

And then the weather decided to go cold and overcast and threatening to rain.  Grrr!  And I'm most definitely going to need more soil...

On a happier note...

I was out yesterday grocery shopping and picked up a few seed packets (I found my four o'clocks! in two varieties! happy happy joy joy!!), including...

* Moonflower "Giant white"
* Four o'clocks "Kaleidoscope"
* Four o'clocks "Mix"
* Alyssum "Royal carpet"
* Carrots "Chantenay red"
* Radish "Sparkler white tip"
* Chives
* Parsley "Forest green"
* Dill
* Spearmint
* Lavender

...and two books, The Canadian edible garden: vegetables, herbs, fruits and seeds by Alison Beck (2008) and Herb Gardening for Canada by Laura Peters (2005), both published by Lone Pine, Edmonton, Alberta.  As if I don't have enough books, but the pictures are big and bright and the text seems to be black-thumb friendly! ;-)

Cheers, Jenn
" a certain point in the journey all you can do is laugh."

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