08 May 2010

Plants (in a) Downpour

Despite the all-day downpour and damp spring weather, it's been a productive gardening start to my vacation (despite the waning moon)!  A friend from work (who is a gardening guru!) and I went to a local church plant sale first thing this morning.  For $8 (!) and her expertise, I bought...

* purple coneflower
* lilac (light purple)
* varigated lily
* beesbalm
* chinese lantern
* liatris
* trumpet vine
* knotweed
* purple flag iris
* and one more that I failed to get the name of...

Afterwards, we drove to her house, where she gave me...

* some hostas (three colour varieties)
* woodruff
* forget-me-not's
* lungwort
* a fern
* lily of the valley
* some white-flowered ground cover that (once again!) I've forgotten the name of...

While we were on our way to the store (she was kind enough (since I don't drive) to take me and get soil (at a $1 per bag, it wasn't a bad price, either!), we just happened to drive by a house that had about 6 or 7 half-whiskey barrels sitting out for anyone to take - for free!  So we picked up three: one for me, one for her, and one for a girl we work with. 

All in all, it's been an excellent day!  (All except the UTI I found out I had last night - OMG! I've never had one before and I never want one again! : (

Unfortunately, I can't find the plug-in to connect my camera to the computer, so I'll post pictures later (once I locate the little thingamajig).

Blessed be!

" a certain point in the journey all you can do is laugh."

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