10 May 2010

Dirty Hands!

There was a frost warning last night and today, but it got nicer this evening.  Thus, I went out and got my hands dirty! ;-)  Emptied about 10 bags of soil into the shade bed - the small one, of course, and I think I might even plop another one on.  Unfortunately, that leaves only 10 for the sunny (and larger) bed - and this is the one that needs desperately to be built up (it was all patio blocks at one point, so the earth is pretty much all gravel).  I think I'm going to need more soil...

Also made a place (with a few bricks) for the bird bath underneath the ash (where the bird feeder lives) in a corner of the shade bed.  The plan is to plant around it (something trailing?) so it covers the base of the bath...

" a certain point in the journey all you can do is laugh."

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