19 May 2010

Last day of vacation (sigh...)

So why did the very last day of my vacation turn out to have the nicest weather?!  It probably reached high-teens to mid-twenties, at least.  Grrr.

Despite my wanting to lay around and enjoy the sunshine (my legs need a bit of colour!), I did get some gardening done.  Laid down almost all of the soil (only 3 bags left, which I should be okay for) and planted some veggies (and herbs!):

(I sprinkled bits of wood chips from the rabbits so I would know where everything was! ;-)

* carrots - 5 rows (we like our carrots! ;-)
* chives - 1 row
* parsley - 1 row
* tomatos - 3 rows
* beets - 2 rows
* radishes - 1 row (though there are radish seeds in with the cukes - or so the directions of the package suggested...)
* onions - 2 rows
* cucumbers (a small, pickling variety) - 1 long row

I also planted ... (four bulbs) in the shade bed infront of the hostas.  The lungwort appears to be perking up a wee bit (the leaves, anyway).  Maybe all is not lost...

Now I just have to cross fingers that everything survives my black-thumb, the weather, the dog and the squirrels!

" a certain point in the journey all you can do is laugh."

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