04 May 2010


"Horticulturally Hopeless" is my online garden (and other bits) journal, as I (a non-green thumb) attempt to plant the otherwise barren landscape known as the backyard.

I have no experience with gardening or plants, beyond watering my grandmother's plants as a child, a summer job in a local nursery and lots of reading.  My plan is to create a small vegetable patch, have a few herbs, and fill the rest in with flowers.  Carrots and strawberries are a must, and possibly some tomatoes.  Beyond that, anything is up for grabs...

I've blogged before, but unfortunately (cough, cough), I have a tendancy to let my blogs lapse after a few months (faulty memory, distractions...excuses, excuses! ;-)  I'm hoping (crossed fingers!) to at least blog here for the summer and the fall - and hey, maybe I'll get back to it next spring! ;-)

Blessed be! 

" a certain point in the journey all you can do is laugh."

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