[Oy, does that sound conceited or what?  ;-)]

I love cats, books (reading books should be a need, not a want!), and gardening, and occasionally obsess over lists ;-) I scribble stories and characters when the mood strikes (less and less lately, unfortunately) and ramble a little too much when I do write (as you can no doubt guess ;-) ... I love to dig up dead ancestors - mine or someone else's, and history (social and world war one) has been a passion since high school. I've recently developed an interest in baking and cake decorating (and though I have an appreciation for cooking, I don't have the talent...) I tend to be a fence sitter and can usually see both sides of every story - while some consider this wishy-washy; I consider it (most of the time) a gift...

I'm a romantic and a dreamer; I still believe in love at first sight, true love, soulmates... but I'm also practical.  I'm approaching 30 and (trying to) see this as just another progession in life... I would love to share my life with someone - a soulmate, a partner, a spouse - but I'm coming to realize that it will happen when the time is right...

I've always been somewhat of a "late-bloomer" (as my grandmother used to tell me), and tend to be slow and methodical in most aspects of my life. (There are exceptions - one of the girls at work was talking about getting her first tattoo ... a week later, I'm there with her getting one as well... ;-) I hate to be late, worry occasionally (stupidly, I know, but I can't help myself!) about what others think of me and I am keenly aware of my faults and genetic defects (depression runs in our family and I had (small, thankfully) bouts of it as a teenager; I started going grey at 20 - but I love the purple-red hair colours! ;-), but, for the most part, I am content with who I am.

I share a townhouse with my mum, our dog (Charlie), cat (Betsy), and three rabbits (Nutmeg, Sophie, and Ben).  I work at my local public library and don't drive (I've never had any interest in learning...).  My biggest fears are cancer (I work with three women - out of a staff of 20 - that have dealt with it) and being alone (or more specifically, growing old alone - day to day, I like my pockets of solitude). 

My intent for this blog is to keep a personal (and hopefully ongoing) journal about my newbie gardening efforts.  You're welcome to tag along (I'd love the company! ;-) though (since I'm a novice) I'll have nothing to share but my experiences as they happen...

Happy Gardening!